Senior POWTY Student Board

Senior POWTY is led by members of our committed Executive Board and Board at Large and is made up of dedicated, hardworking POWTY members who have chosen to make Jewish leadership and engagement an important part of their lives. 

Senior POWTY's Executive Board and Board at Large are supervised by Lindsay Ganci, Director of Youth Engagement.


POWTY Board 5777

Executive Board: ("Em-xecutive Board")


Emily Epstein - [email protected]

Emma Goldman - [email protected]

Vice President of Programming: 

Emily Kraus - [email protected]

Vice President of Religious Affairs: 

Emily Schieber - [email protected]

POWTY Board At Large:

Elyse Morales

Emma Furst

Eric Epstein

Hannah Hirsch

Jesse Lieblein

Josh Friedland

Lauren Ambos

Max Finkelstein

Michael Friedland

Miranda Tanenbaum

Molly Edelblum

Morgan Cirker

Noah Ehren

Ryan Schieber






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