Welcome to The Community Synagogue

Shalom! We’re so glad that you are interested in learning more about The Community Synagogue. Truth is, our synagogue is not defined by our building or our history — or by our clergy or member benefits. Our synagogue is defined by our members and the deep connection we have to each other and to Judaism. We hope you will use this website as but one way to explore the rich opportunities we offer.

Our diverse member families have built a Reform congregation that seeks to fulfill its religious and ethical goals by being a center for spiritual fulfillment, lifelong learning, cultural enrichment and social responsibility.  

Our goal is that every individual and family will feel welcome as part of our community and find a home at The Community Synagogue.

Membership FAQ's 


What are the Fees?

1. Our Commitment to Giving Funding Initiative (formerly known as Dues) 

Each congragant's commitment is essential to sustain our kehillah k'doshah - our sacred community - for this year and years ahead. This model of funding is based on partnership, covnenant and commitment. Its strives to be TRANSPARENT, RESPECTFUL, INSPIRING, PARTICIPATORY.This financial model encourages congregants to select a giving level and to be as generous as possible. CLICK HERE to make your selection.

The Commitment to Giving Levels 2016 - 2017

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2. Do I have to pay a Building Fund? YES, CLICK HERE for more information

Building Fund is a pledge each new member family makes to support the synagogue for the future.  The commitment is a total of $2,500, paid at $500 per year for the first five years of membership, in addition to your membership level.  Once the pledge is reached, families will never be asked to make additional contributions to the Building Fund, even if the commitment increases beyond $2,500 in the future.

If a family has made payments to a Building Fund at another synagogue, the amount of those payments will be deducted from the Building Fund commitment here at Community.  Supporting the future of Judaism at any congregation helps preserve Jewish life for future generations, and so fulfills the commitment on which our Building Fund is based.

New Members Options

  1. New members are entitled to a special half dues program for their first year of membership ($1950.00).

  2. New members may join through our Gift Membership program, offering the first year of membership at no charge ($0).

What do I get when I join?

  • You join our Kehillah K'doshah – our sacred community of congregants, clergy and staff who enrich each other’s lives and who can be there to share life’s joys and ease life’s sorrows.
  • Our clergy and staff are there for you through important life cycle events and every day for counseling, teaching and caring.
  • Religious education for your children.
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah training for your children.
  • All member families (except those on Gift Membership) are entitled to preferred admissions and reduced tuition for our Early Childhood Center for their preschool children.
  • High Holy Day sanctuary seating at no extra charge.
  • A varied and rich offering of events, programming and classes to enrich, educate, entertain and involve you.
  • The opportunity to engage in a wide range of task forces, committees and action groups, from Temple Leadership to Brotherhood, Sisterhood and Social Action.

 What if I can’t afford a membership?

  • There is no such thing. Members will not be turned away, and we will work with you in confidence to make special arrangements that are affordable, if necessary.

How much is Religious School for my kids?

  • Religious School for your child(ren) is funded in part by the congregation, and in part by a fee for each child who attends.  The charge per student covers about half the cost of Religious School year for your child.  The other half is covered by the congregation, as we believe our community has a responsibility to help educate our children Jewishly.  

 How do I get High Holy Day tickets?

  • All member families in good standing, including their children through age 26 are entitled to seating in the Main Sanctuary. Additional complimentary guest tickets for extended family and friends may be requested.

 Who can join?

  • Membership is open to any individual, family or couple where at least one adult is Jewish. We lovingly accept people in interfaith relationships, LGBT members, individuals of diverse ages and ethnicities.

 How do I join?

Membership Forms:

Membership Application: For new members

Membership Package: Includes information about member benefits, The Community Synagogue history, Our Vision & Core Values, biographies for our Rabbi's, Cantor and Religious School Principal, our very active Affiliates (Brotherhood, Chaverim, POWTY, Sisterhood)




The Gift Membership Program is a unique opportunity to experience a complementary one year membership to The Community Synagogue. We welcome new and former members to benefit from the rich and wide-ranging worship opportunities (including tickets to all High Holy Day services), programming options and community-building arms of the synagogue. 

Become a Gift Membership SponsorWe invite you to welcome a relative, friend or neighbor to experience membership at The Community Synagogue through The Gift Membership Program. There is no cost to you or to the Gift Member family.

Commitment to Giving Funding Model: (replaces our former Dues model) Each congregant's commitment to The Community Synagogue is essential to sustain our kehillah k'doshah - our sacred community - for this year and the years ahead. Our goal is to grow through covenantal relationships between each family and the congregation as a whole. We ask that you partner with the synagogue at the highest level that your heart and your financial abilty will allow. Select your Commitment to Giving Level.