New to Judaism?


Star of DavidFor those just starting their path into Judaism, there are many ways to preview what a life in Judaism looks like.  The Community Synagogue is here to support and welcome you to any of our many services, programs, courses and events.

Our mission is to extend warmth and hospitality to every person who chooses to enter our doors. Our programs, which include Introduction to Judaism and many "how-to" classes, provide an introduction to the celebration of Jewish life and offer support and guidance for those just starting to explore their own Judaism and those in interfaith relationships.

For more information about the outreach resources, contact Cantor Franco at 516-883-3144, ext. 328.  For information about conversion to Judaism, contact Rabbi Irwin Zeplowitz at 516-883-3144, ext. 328.



Readings, Q&A's and First-Person Perspectives

Becoming a Jew

A pamphlet that answers basic questions about conversion in an accessible question and answer format.

Questions & Answers

Answers to the most commonly asked questions about converting to Judaism.

First-Person Perspectives on Becoming a Jew

Read heartfelt stories people have chosen to share.

How Do I Know When I'm Ready?

How did I know I was ready to convert to Judaism? What are the essential elements that help insure the sincerity of such an important decision?

Recommended Reading: Conversion

Helpful publications for those who are thinking of choosing Judaism.

When a Family Member Converts: Questions & Answers about Conversion to Judaism

As a parent, sibling or close friend, you may be wondering how to react to a loved one's decision to become a Jew. This resource addresses some of these questions.