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About The Happiness Group and Mission

Within a Jewish context, happiness is about fulfillment, presence, kindness, community, and meaning.  The goal of the group is for community members to experience happiness, allowing Jewish wisdom and practices to not only enrich their lives, but to help make them happier. Synagogues usually offer groups to help people through times of difficulty, sickness, and bereavement. In contrast, The Happiness Group uses Jewish insights to provide opportunities to explore gratitude, meaning, and purpose in our lives.  Over the last few years, the subject of happiness has been infused into much of the programming at The Community Synagogue.  From High Holy Day sermons to yoga services we’ve received an overwhelmingly positive response to topics relating to mindfulness, human flourishing, and achieving happiness within our community and homes.

The success of our happiness-focused programs reveals a growing desire amongst our congregants to live happier and more meaningful lives.  We therefore embarked on a mission to bring happiness not just to our Synagogue, but also to our surrounding community.