Shari Isserles, RJE - Director of Education

Shari Isserles grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. She received her undergraduate degree in Judaic Studies from Boston University and then attended the New York School of Education (NYSOE) at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion where she received her Masters of Religious Education (M.A.R.E.) degree in 2003.

Shari and her husband Paul live in Port Washington, NY with their son, Michael.


Susan Freire

Susan Freire -
Education Office Manager for the Early Childhood Center and Religious School

Sue always has a smile and is always willing to help you with all of your Early Childhood Center and Religious School questions and needs.


Orly Danialian-            Assistant Director of Religious Education

Orly helps our school run smoothly by working with students, parents and teachers.  In her work with curriculum and special programs, Orly brings creativity and energy to our program and helps make our school a vibrant learning community.














Michelle Landsman

Rhonda Lipsky

Karen Scheier


Grade 1 

Samantha Goldberg

Naama Kalker

Rosie Zanco


Grade 2

Aimee Birenbaum

Sharon Marabi

Nina Zayit


Grade 3

Shlomit Eisner

Ruth Greco

Keren Nasibi

Daniella Zandsberg

Dafna Zlatin

Grade 4

Tamar Isaac

Gilda Douston 

Michelle Lansman (FLAME)

Naama Kalker (FLAME) Daniella Zandsberg (FLAME)

Grade 5

Anna Pevzner 
(Hebrew ) 

Amy Rubinstein 

Nina Zayit (FLAME)

Sharon Marabi (FLAME) Rivka Alon (FLAME)

Grade 6

Shlomit Eisner

Ruth Greco 

Keren Nasibi

Howie Birenbaum

Michelle Yosifon 

MPOW Staff

Josh Bogard

Tamara Furshpan

Annie Kalker

Sharon Marabi

Howie Birenbaum




Meytav Blum 

Dorit Greenberg

Donna Shulman & Dafna Zlatin


Shula Eliaz 




Stacy Kelly 



Jessica Ingram