Learning at TCS

The Community Synagogue is a place with Torah at the center, where learning begins in our renowned Early Childhood Center and continues with a variety of programs for all ages.  From babies to bubbies, TCS knows the importance of providing engaging activities and thought-provoking educational opportunities for all members. 

  • Early Childhood Center: Our program is based on the belief that children learn best through hands-on activities. We offer a variety of learning experiences in a creative and enriched environment where children can develop, socialize and grow under the supervision of our trained and caring staff.
  • Religious School: With over 500 students in the school from Grades K-12 and a staff of over 30 teachers,  there is always something exciting happening in our school hallways. Join our dynamic and engaging environment for learning.
  • Bar / Bat Mitzvah:The Bar and Bat Mitzvah service marks the occasion when you begin the process of becoming an adult. Along with your family, friends and extended family here at The Community Synagogue, we celebrate your official entrance into the "adult" Jewish community.  
  • Adult Education: We offer a yearlong schedule of Adult Education events, classes and study sessions designed to enrich the lives of our congregants.