Our Curriculum

The Early Childhood Center has provided a warm and creative environment to foster young children’s imaginations, curiosity, and intellect.   Our curriculum utilizes developmentally appropriate activities for each age group to encourage children to explore and master their expanding world.  

Our program encourages children’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth through a curriculum attuned to the individual child’s unique pattern of development.  We believe that children learn best in a program that has both a clear structure to it, as well as the flexibility to incorporate the needs and interests of the children, which emphasizes creative expression through “hands-on” experiences.

ECC Sign Language class

Our experienced staff works with children individually and in groups fostering creative expression and self-esteem through art, music, cooking, movement, active and language.  Science, literacy and math activities are an integral part of the program and are geared to the child’s growing interests, skills and abilities.  All of our classes participate in an assortment of enrichment programs that are run by early childhood specialists. Each week the children participate in movement, music, signing, yoga and woodworking with the specialist.

ECC Girl on Rock WallEvery day that weather permits, our children romp and play on the grounds of our 12 acre estate and in our three beautiful playgrounds.  A hill for climbing and sleigh riding, nature walks, gardening,  as well as a bike track keep our children very busy outdoors.  On indoor days our two indoor playrooms keep children busy on our indoor play unit, climbing rock walls and with many more activities.  Two large castle bounces keep out children busy and challenged.

Our Early Childhood Center’s  Judaic curriculum is integrated into our everyday program, and a strong focus is placed on Jewish holidays, celebrations and customs in age- appropriate activities.  Our classes join together with our clergy every Friday to welcome Shabbat, along with our rotating guest Shabbat families.  The children are introduced to the importance of mitzvot, tzedakah, and  all of the other core Jewish values as well as begin to learn some elementary Hebrew.