Early Childhood Center Staff

ECC Teachers and Staff

The Community Synagogue Early Childhood Center prides itself on its loving, capable and dedicated staff. All head teachers are certified in Early Childhood.  Our staff is comprised of seasoned, experienced early childhood professionals who are knowledgeable in all aspects of early childhood and are exceptional teachers who adore young children.  Our nurturing teachers provide tools to foster each child’s self-confidence and to facilitate meaningful interactions with their peers to build lasting relationships.

Susan Flanagan-Herman, Director of The Early Childhood Center

Email Susan: [email protected] 516-883-3144 ext. 314

Susan Flanagan-Herman grew up in Harrison, New York.  After receiving her BA in Mass Communications from The University of Hartford, Susan continued her dream to become an Early Childhood educator and attended Hunter College, New York City.  Now after 25 years of teaching and leading in some of the finest schools in Manhattan, she feels blessed and welcomes the opportunity to become an intricate part of The Community Synagogue, as Director of the Early Childhood Center.

Susan plans to create a program that respects the individuality of each child. Her philosophy is to provide opportunities for our students to use their senses to investigate, experiment and discover through hands-on-experiences, allowing the children to explore materials, which will encourage a questioning mind.  She aims to create an environment that will nurture curiosity, independence, a sense of community and Jewish identity so that each child will be prepared for the next stage of their personal and educational journey. In order to accomplish these goals Susan will be instituting new and meaningful school wide programs that will bridge home and school and create lasting and purposeful memories of each child’s journey at the ECC.

 Susan is recently married to her husband David. They are currently looking for a new home with a yard for their dog, Daisy.



Ellen Cohen, Assistant Director of the Early Childhood Center

Email Ellen: [email protected], 516-883-3144 ext. 323







Susan Freire

Sue Freire, Education Office Manager

Sue Freire was named Education Office Manager after serving nine years as Administrative Assistant of both our Early Childhood Center and Religious School. Before coming to The Community Synagogue Sue worked as the administrator of another faith-based preschool. Sue always has a smile and is always willing to help you with all of your Early Childhood Center and Religious School questions and needs.