About the ECC


New ECC Square LogoThe Early Childhood Center opened in 1984 and since then has provided premier early childhood education to families in Port Washington and surrounding communities.  The ECC is an integral part of The Community Synagogue of Port Washington and is located on the magnificent 12 acre grounds of the synagogue.

The Early Childhood Center consists of a state-of-the-art educational facility that was completed in 2008 and was designed to meet the needs of the young child and to be aesthetically pleasing and safe.  Our staff is selected for their excellence in early childhood knowledge, experience and teaching ability, as well as their deep love of children.

The Early Childhood Center offers for our youngest children Mommy (or Daddy or Nanny) & Me programs for children from 12 to 30 months of age. We offer separation programs for children from 1 year 9 months to 5 ½ years-of-age.  We offer a wide variety of programming options for our toddlers and for our 3 to 5 year-olds an early drop-off option and a wide variety of extensions every day.  Child who want to stay can choose from a wide array of classes some of which include art, cooking, science, math, music, sports and yoga.


Thank you for your interest in The Community Synagogue’s Early Childhood Center. Children entering our school will begin a journey designed to capture and enhance the children’s eagerness to learn as well as deepen their social relationships to adults and children. Instilling Jewish values and customs at an early age are so important in helping children develop their Jewish identity and are at the core of  the Early Childhood Center. We take great pride in meeting both the special talents as well as individual needs of each child. Our goals are to foster in each child his or her social competency, to promote intellectual growth and promote positive self-esteem.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a tour of our school, please call the ECC 516-883-3144 extension 314 or e-mail us at [email protected].

MIssion and Philosophy of The Early Childhood Center

The goal of the Early Childhood Center (ECC) is to offer children such deeply gratifying school experiences that the enjoyment of learning becomes a way of life.  The overriding approach of the Early Childhood Center’s program is to create an environment that develops curiosity, encourages exploration, and stimulates patterns of learning.  An environment that helps children to think, plan, organize and implement their own individual and group ideas and to develop healthy social attitudes, a positive sense of self and a familiarity and comfort with the Jewish religion and customs.

In order to accomplish these objectives we must first establish a safe, healthy and happy environment for children.  One that provides stability, structure, individual attention, freedom and intellectual stimulation, with warm, accepting adults.  An environment oriented to the needs and developmental stages of young children.

These objectives can be reached through warm teacher-child relationships, where teachers will deal with children in mutual respect and sensitivity and through exposure to the applications of Jewish traditions and values.

Our Mission Statement

The Community Synagogue Early Childhood Center (ECC) is a Reform Jewish pre-school that provides a nurturing environment embracing core Jewish values.  These include:

  • The inherent dignity and equality of every human being (that
    each person is made b’tzelem Elohim, “in the image of God”)
  • A love of Torah and Jewish tradition (customs, Shabbat and
    holidays, food, and culture)
  • Our connection to the People of Israel, as well as to the Land
    of Israel
  • The individual’s responsibility to help build a kehillah
     (“sacred community”)
  • Our obligation to help others to build a better world (tikkun

The Community Synagogue Early Childhood Center seeks to foster these values in the children we teach, as well as in the families of our students.  Our task is to partner and join with parents in nurturing
their children.

Our educational philosophy is anchored by the belief that the Early Childhood Center is the foundation for a lifetime of creative and productive learning.  Our program is based on the premise that:

  • Children learn best through hands-on-activities
  • Learning experiences should be diverse, creative and
    developmentally appropriate
  • Learning environments for children should encourage and grow
    skills and confidence in all facets of their lives

We encourage ECC students and their families to establish lifelong connections to the synagogue community and one another.