Dues, Just a Piece of the Financial Sustainability Puzzle

Wed, 06/29/2016 - 2:24pm -- TCS

Dues, just a piece of the financial sustainability puzzle

Changing dues model outweighs the risk.

A recent article, by Barry S. Mael, Director, Kehilla Operations & Finance at USCJ, summarizes the results of a study involving hundreds of USCJ congregations regarding their current dues models. This four year study indicates that the fear of revenue loss, uncertainty about risk/reward and fear of change are the primary reasons more of our kehillot are not considering dues model changes. However, the data suggests that congregations who have changed their model have fared the same or better than with their previous model, both in terms of revenues and membership numbers (92% have not experienced any revenue loss and 83% have not experienced any decrease in members).


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