About The Community Synagogue

A wonderful spirit is alive at The Community Synagogue. Here you will find warmth and joy, community and purpose. The Community Synagogue is Port Washington’s largest Reform congregation, yet it is a place of openness to all, where each person can connect, where comfort and caring matter. It is a place of strength and beauty, of spirituality and learning, of creative possibility, a place filled with God's spirit and human kindness.

Our diverse community welcomes Jews of all backgrounds including interfaith families, singles, seniors, couples, single-parent and same sex families and Jews-by-Choice. Within our warm and inviting surroundings, The Community Synagogue encourages meaningful participation and creates a special sense of belonging.

The Community Synagogue is a place with Torah at the center, where learning begins in our renowned Early Childhood Center and continues with a variety of programs for all ages, where prayer is meaningful, participatory and powerful, where people reach out to one another during times of celebration as well as sadness.



If Judaism matters to you, you will find something significant here. You will find relationships — connections to others who share your interests. You will find a commitment to excellence. You will find many paths of access to Jewish life.

See why The Community Synagogue is the heart of Reform Jewish life in Port Washington. Find out why our membership, Early Childhood Center and Religious School enrollments are increasing. Enjoy the programs devoted to families, teens and adults and participate in our social justice initiatives. Join our Port Washington community and enjoy living in one of the safest cities in New York.

We invite you to become a part of The Community Synagogue family as we seek to create a kehillah k'doshah — a holy community.



Gift Membership Program


First year members may join at no charge for one year through our Gift Membership program, or receive half price 

dues through Regular Membership.  Regular members are also entitled to reduced nursery school tuition.  For further information about The Community Synagogue, please call Jeff Rembrandt at (516) 883-3144 ext. 311.

Gift Membership: The Gift Membership Program is a unique opportunity to experience a complementary one year membership to The Community Synagogue. We welcome new and former members to benefit from the rich and wide-ranging worship opportunities (including tickets to all High Holy Day services), programming options and community-building arms of the synagogue. 

Become a Gift Membership Sponsor! We invite you to welcome a relative, friend or neighbor to experience membership at The Community Synagogue through The Gift Membership Program. There is no cost to you or to the Gift Member family